Sensei Kathryn & Sensei Emily

KOSHIDO RYU WISHES YOU HAPPY NEW YEAR Thank you to everybody who bought Sensei Emily and Sensei Kathryn presents at Christmas it is very much appreciated, thank you to everyone. In January 2013 we will be holding private lessons for any students wishing to have one-on-one tuition for any aspect of the karate syllabus. Numerous SKU instructors offer this across the union and are not un-common, if anyone is interested or want any further information please talk to Sensei Emily and Sensei Kathryn. This year a separation of Kata Squads will take place. There will be separate Pinan squads and senior squads. Pinan squads will be for anyone who is blue belt and below. Senior squads are for anyone who is purple belt and above. All kata squads will take place at Middlewich Civic Centre 7pm-8pm. Fight squads will take place at Woodford Lodge 7pm-8.15pm depending on attendance. The SKU have revised the way they hold brown/black belt courses and instructor courses. Courses will be now be held in areas instead of travelling to Sheffield or Leeds etc. Area courses are for anyone of any grade, they are taught by the Chief Instructor of the SKU, Stan Knighton. The area courses for our club will be held at Sandbach Boys School. Brown and black belts are to train for the two hours, where as any other grade will train 11am to 12 noon. Please note, those students who are due to Dan grade this year, you will need to have attended a minimum of 3 courses before you grade. All Junior Assistant Instructors need to attend 2 courses in the year to keep their qualification. Please try to attend as many of your area courses as possible, you will be required to help Instruct the lower grades for the first hour. Dates for your diary January 20th January Area Course in Sandbach 11am-1pm 21st January Pinan Kata Squad 28th January Senior Kata Squad 29th January Fight Squad February 3rd February Area Course Stalybridge 18th February Pinan Kata Squad 25th February Senior Kata Squad 26th February Fight Squad March 18th March Pinan Kata Squads 22nd March Gradings Woodford Lodge 24th March Area Course, Bradford 25th March Senior Kata Squads 26th March Fight Squad April 7th April Area Course Sheffield 8th April Pinan Kata Squad 15th April Senior Kata Squad 16th April Fight Squad 21st April SKU National Championships, EIS Sheffield 28th April Instructors Course 11am-1pm EIS Sheffield May 12th May NATIONAL pre-dan course, EIS Sheffield 11am-1pm 19th May Dan Gradings EIS Sheffield A note from Sensei Emily and Sensei Kathryn Over the past few months leading up to gradings students are trying to squeeze in lessons as they have missed numerous sessions between gradings. We will not tolerate this anymore. Karate is a martial art and a disciplined sport that needs to be practised and lessons need to be attended twice a week to learn and perfect skills needed for gradings and competitions regardless of grade. There is a minimum of 20 lessons over 3 months for graders up to 4th Kyu (purple belt). A minimum of 40 lessons between 4th Kyu and 1st Kyu over 6 months.

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